Long Before Accutane Recall, Defective Acne Drug Caused Bowel Disease Injuries, More
Posted on March 4, 2011 by Bruce Westbrook


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Roche Pharmaceuticals, also called Hoffman La-Roche, was aware before it even put acne drug Accutane on the market that the acne medication could cause harmful side effects. Initially known were birth defects due to Accutane, but soon many more injuries became apparent, with Roche finally – and much belatedly — issuing an Accutane recall in 2009. Of course, that was 27 years too late, since the drug first appeared in 1982.

Indeed, when Roche invented Accutane to treat severe acne in 1972, it held it off the market due to awareness of its birth defect hazards. But Roche’s self-interests prevailed a decade later when it marketed and sold Accutane as a “miracle” acne cure. Yes, it worked. But then birth defects, as could be expected, started occurring.

In 1984, the Food and Drug Administration made Roche put warnings of birth defect risks on the drug’s label, and a year after that, Roche also included warnings about seizures, nervousness, dizziness, depression, insomnia, malaise, emotional instability, lethargy, drowsiness and weakness. Could it get worse?

Oh yes. And it did. Lots worse. Soon Americans learned that Accutane not only caused depression but also suicidal impulses – and even suicide itself. So in 1998 the FDA required still more warnings for depression and suicide, before adding violent behavior and aggressiveness four years later.

But knowledge of some ghastly Accutane side effects was to come, when it was revealed that Accutane could inflict gastrointestinal and digestive disorders such as the lifelong inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) called ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Both have harmed thousands of those who took Accutane, and sometimes even have led to a colon removal surgery. Also, these diseases have no known cure.

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