The Advertiser

Edition 1 Statemon 13 Jan 2003, Page 008

Grandson's suicide blamed on 16-week medical treatment

By ALISON REHN in Canberra

PATRICIA Hummerston from the NSW Central Coast told The Advertiser she believes Roaccutane caused her grandson, Lindsay Bratby, to commit suicide nine years ago, when he was 19.``There was no romance, drugs or alcohol.

He was just a very decent person,'' Mrs Hummerston said. ``It definitely was Roaccutane that sent him over the edge

.''On the fateful day in 1994, 16 weeks after beginning treatment, Lindsay took his younger cousin to the shop, brought her home, then sat down to lunch with his grandmother.

``He sat down and had lunch with me. Then he left.``He was found the next day, he'd hanged himself in the wetlands in the back of our house.''