How Do I Make My Hot Tub Warmer?

There are several different ways to increase the temperature of your hot tub. You can buy a heater for hot tubs that will speed up the heating process by up to 6 degrees per hour. It is important to make sure that the water level of your hot tub is full because running water through jets will damage them. If you do not have jets, you can move the water around using a paddle or your hands. Just be sure to close the lid!


If you’re wondering how to make your hot tub warmer, there are several things you can do. The first thing you should do is check your hot tub’s control panel to see if there are any error messages. If there are, you can contact a hot tub specialist who can diagnose the problem and bring the appropriate parts to fix it. If the water in your hot tub is warm but not warming, you may have a flow problem.

Bulking up insulation

If you want to make your hot tub warmer, you should install more insulation. You can use traditional pink insulation that does not have a paper backing or you can use spray foam. Thermal blankets are easy to cut and install. If you don’t want to purchase a custom-made hot tub, you can use rolled fiberglass insulation, which works well for insulating the tub. When installing it, be sure to wear gloves and safety glasses. To install it, use a utility knife to cut it.

Using jets

One way to increase the temperature in your hot tub is to use jets. Jets help warm the water by mixing it with air. Jets are adjustable so that you can control the heat and speed of water circulation. You can also pre-heat your water before using the jets to reduce the amount of time it takes for the water to heat up. To use jets effectively, you must have proper water chemistry and insulation.

Controlling air temperature

When you are in a heated hot tub, the temperature in the water can be controlled by the controls on the controller. A faulty thermostat or GFCI (ground-fault-circuit interrupter) is the most common cause of overheating. You should always check these components before attempting to fix the problem yourself. You can also contact a professional to inspect your hot tub’s heating system and repair any problems.